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Garnet S. Wilson

General Manager | Agent | Broker

Garnet S. Wilson brings 15 years’ experience and professionalism to Great World Insurance Agency, LLC. His wide-ranging knowledge of the intricacies of Life Insurance sets him apart and uniquely positions him to offer customized plans to his clients. Hailing from an advertising and marketing background, he has the ability to cut through industry speak to deliver the product best suited to each individual, a specialized skill set of particularly great value to Mr. Wilson’s high-net-worth clients. Intensely committed to helping hard-to-place customers, he dedicates much of his consultation time to educating clients about the nuances of their coverage options. From the payroll deducted group coverage life insurance to personal final expenses, Mr. Wilson and his team at Great World aim to ensure that small businesses are adequately represented and that “No Family Is Left Behind.”

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